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5q eh LUXURY MAGAZINE UK

    Reports in the motor world, whether it is gasoline, electric, hybrids, with their latest models and from other eras.


    News, trends and leading brands on the national / international scene, designers, fairs, fashion shows, etc …


    For lovers of good gastronomy, delicatessens, reports, fairs …


    The most futuristic and that you have never seen, nor could you imagine, this is our category!


    Exclusive collections of the most prestigious national / international brands and designers.


    Reports, information, of the best international brands with their models of yesterday and today.


    Latest advances, technological and design innovations, together with the most avant-garde techniques in construction, nautical, aeronautics, etc.

  • ART

    News, in national / international artists, works, galleries, fairs, sales and auctions.


    We have the best national / international trips you ever imagined!


    We have Travel as a couple, with new experiences and sensations


    Golf, horse riding, paddle tennis, tennis, sailing, adventure and risk so that you feel strong emotions.


    In the first line and continuous information of interest, financial, stock, economic, from the hand of professionals.


    Auctions, large collections and advice from great national and international professionals, etc.

Print edition and in digital and interactive format.

Print edition and in digital and interactive format.

Print edition and in digital and interactive format.

Print edition and in digital and interactive format.

Print edition and in digital and interactive format.

Directed publication, to the exclusive world of luxury.
Magazine MyLuxePoint, where you will find the latest trends, news, national and international fashion, travel around the world, motor section, gourmet, reports and exclusive articles ….
Discover it yourself!

Enter the Digital Magazine MyLuxePoint, you will find the unimaginable, we will surprise you!

Our mission is to make you feel, enjoy, excite, etc., in order to locate and find everything you have always wanted or shown interest:

In each category, you can enter into a host of brands with unpublished information and of great interest to you.

Art: First-hand information and news, in artists, works, galleries, fairs, sales and national / international auctions.

Business: Dedicated to meet the needs of companies / entrepreneurs, where they will have continuous information of interest, financial, stock market, economic, hand in hand with professionals involved in this category, plus you will find the latest global financial news of interest, with great utility and first hand.

Collecting: Dedicated to the extensive world of collecting in all its great ramifications and specializations, with auctions, advice from the hand of national and international professionals, where you will see continuous news to acquire your already prized collections.

Sports: Category destined to the different current disciplines, focusing more on those of maximum interest of our readers (golf, equestrian, paddle, sailing, etc …).

Lifestyle: We prioritize your person to achieve your wellbeing by giving advice through qualified personal, always being at the forefront of lifestyle.

Gourmet: For lovers of good gastronomy, delicatessen, with great professionals in the sector supported by the best and most recognized companies / brands in the sector.

Interior Design / Architecture: You will find the top ten in various trends and constructions, with the most advanced techniques at the forefront, to be exclusive, sophisticated and unique, with the latest technology and design.

Jewelery: Where you will see the best and exclusive collections of the most prestigious national / international brands / designers, combining them with jewels of yesterday and today.

Motor: Fans and enthusiasts will find great reports in the motor world, whether gasoline, electric, hybrid, with their latest models and from other eras (Ferrari Dino, Lamborghini Countach, Hispano Suiza, boats, jets, yachts, etc … ). Proven and verified information, by professionals and brands.

Fashion: News and trends, by the hand of professionals and brands of the first line, where you will find the most glamorous of the national / international scene, designers, fairs, parades, etc …

Medicine / Health: Specific channel to the world of science, where we prioritize your physical and mental condition, with continuous post informative so that you always find the latest in medical and aesthetic advances from the hand of the most outstanding professionals.

EVENTS: From our extensive experience with Myluxepoint Events we carry out events with some of our clients and our own.

MyLuxePoint.TV: We cover everything that may be of interest to our readers and followers, such as big events, parades, news, fairs, relevant characters, etc …

Watches: Reports, information, of the best international brands with their models of yesterday and today. Basel Fair, national / international events, the best complications, tourbillon and mikrotourbillon, great designs, accessories, etc.

Technology: One of the most addicted categories when dealing with the latest and novel in any product or brand, be it aeronautical, motor in all its variants or gadget, etc. The most futuristic and you’ve never seen, you could not even imagine, that’s our category!

Travel: We have the best national / international trips you’ve ever imagined, selected for you and the most prestigious companies (Four Seasons, Saucers Cross, Star.Wood, etc.).

Leisure: Destined to satisfy and make known the most interesting places, such as Hotels, Clubs, Musical bars, Amusement parks, Cinemas, Theaters, etc …

MAGAZINE, with technology applied to different media.