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Masterworks | Fight Inflation With Fine Art

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Masterworks | Fight Inflation With Fine Art

A new study from Allianz Life reports inflation is forcing many Americans to alter their retirement plans:

  • 43% said they had to dip into their retirement savings due to inflation.
  • 54% said they have stopped or reduced retirement savings due to inflation.
  • 75% are concerned that the rising costs of living will affect their retirement plans.

With inflation north of 8%, and at its highest rate in 40+ years, it’s hard to blame them.

And it may not be easing up much that soon…

$1.5 trillion investment bank Deutsche Bank recently predicted the US is likely to see price pressures remain elevated and take two years to even fall below 6%, and will hover around that level in five years.

If you’re looking for portfolio solutions to help combat inflation, consider contemporary art…


Contemporary art has appreciated at an average rate of 13.5% annually in high inflation periods, like right now. And during those times, it has significantly outperformed US corporate bonds (0.5%), the S&P 500 (5.5%), emerging market equities (3.9%), and gold (3.2%), according to the MW All-Art Index.

With Masterworks, you can add contemporary art to your portfolio as an inflation hedge.

Get started now. Inflation could remain stubbornly high.

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*Reflects value-weighted price appreciation for all Contemporary Art (works produced after 1945) sold at least twice at public auction. There are significant differences between art investments and stocks.

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